Red Ribbon Week


Monday October 21nd : Rockin the Red for a Drug Free Life!!!

Wear as much red as possible today as we kick off Red Ribbon Week.


Tuesday October 22rd : Teaming up Against Drugs

Support your favorite team by wearing a jersey or t-shirt and any other paraphernalia or wear a shirt of a team you are in.


Wednesday October 23th : Don’t Be Caught Sleeping, Say No to Drugs

Come to school in your PAJAMAS today! *Nightgowns must have shorts under them, and students should still follow RISD dress code (shorts should be finger length and no see-through clothing.) 


Thursday October 24th: Peace Out to Drugs

Wear peace signs, tie dye and/or 70’s clothing.


Friday October 25th: Our School Chooses to Be Drug Free!

Wear your wolf team shirt or Wallace shirt and get a little crazy with your hair.

Monday, October 21, 2019